Our Patron Saint

St. Thomas was called to be one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ according to the New Testament. St. Thomas earned the title of “doubting Thomas” when he expressed his unwillingness to believe that the other Apostles had seen their risen Lord on the first Easter Sunday. He has played an important role in confirming the Resurrection of Christ.

Eight days later, on Christ’s second apparition, Thomas was gently criticized for his doubtfulness and furnished with the evidence he had demanded. Thomas put his fingers in the place of the nails and his hand into Christ‘s side. After verifying, St Thomas was convinced of the truth of the Resurrection..

St. Thomas after Pentecost is said to have travelled outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel.In his journey, he ultimately reached India, to the Malabar Coast, where a large population still call themselves “St. Thomas Christians”.

It is known that St. Thomas was killed when a hunter of birds shot at a peacock and it struck St. Thomas instead. Following his death, some of his relics were taken to Edessa while the rest were kept in India and they can still be found within the San Thome Basilica in Mylapore, Chennai, India.

In art, St. Thomas is commonly depicted as a young man holding a scroll, or as a young adult touching the resurrected Christ’s wound.

Feast of St. Thomas is celebrated on July 3 and he is recognized as the patron saint of architects.


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