Today's Reflection

The famine of Gilgal was real. People were in great distress and hunger. Elisha believing in the power of the Word of God which promised: 'They shall eat and have some left', set the few bread for hundreds to be eaten. The Word of the Lord was fulfilled in their sight. God let Himself be the bread for the hungry and a provident Father. People saw in Jesus, when he fed the hungry multitude, a great prophet who came into this world. They remembered Moses (Deut 18:15) and Elisha. Jesus is attentive to the needs of his people. Yet unlike the prophets of old, Jesus knows the hunger that the food that cannot satisfy. He responds to the spiritual hunger of the people – the spiritual hunger of the people the hunger of the soul for God and for his Word. The hunger for meaning in life and joy can be satiated in Jesus. He provides bread to the hungry, but he is the bread for those who hunger spiritually. He points to us in this miracle that the more we try to feed ourselves the hungrier and emptier our souls become. When we give, God does the rest and all the needs are met. The world is reeling in desperation because some are holding and grasping for more and more. What Jesus asked Philip to provide food for the people, is addressed everyone today. Paul reminds us that we are one body. This is an invitation to be bread that builds up this body.


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