Small Christian Community (SCC)

The Small Christian Community (SCC) is a gathering of catholic families, who pray, share, support one another, learn and go forth in mission, evangelizing one another. It is an ecclesiastical unit centered on the Word of God and extends the service in the neighbourhood. SCC helps to build fellowship and friendship in the neighbourhood.

The benefits of belonging to SCCs are significantly great. We have been able to make a breakthrough to build and foster relationships with neighbourhoods of the Parish and thereby making small communities of trust and friendships that is desirable for each parish. SCCs around the world and in India promote this communion of love, life and truth by forming small units of 10-20 families who come together in fellowship and prayer and translate their love and faith into service as one community. Pope John Paul II calls SCCs a concrete expression of the Church, home and family for everyone. Reading of the Bible verses gives a new meaning, a new hope and a new enthusiasm. In fact, SCCs are an attempt by the Church to recapture, imbibe and activate the spirit of the early Christian communities in today’s context. SCCs foster genuine and deep human bonding in the neighbourhoods and plan ways to involve everyone in witnessing the love of Jesus.

There are eighteen (18) SCC Units in the parish. SCC prayer meeting is held once a month in the selected house of the Unit. Every Friday, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Mass is conducted by SCC Units according to their turn. Rosary is also conducted by the respective SCC Unit in the months of May and October. The SCC Units organize its patron’s feast every year as best as possible in their Units involving all the families.

To know more regarding Small Christian Community (SCC), you may get in touch with the Parish Priest or Assistant Parish Priests.

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