Parish Priest's Message

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

It is with immense joy that I write this message on the launch of our website on the feast of our Patron Saint Thomas. This website is a channel through which we can connect, be informed and grow as a parish community wherever we are.

St. Thomas Church was constructed in the year 1972, since then it has gone through many changes. Recently, in the last few months, the inside of church has gone through a major physical overhaul including a complete facelift. The statue of our Lady of Health, Vaillankani has been installed inside the church. The Altar has been renovated and a new Tabernacle was blessed and installed. In addition to this, an area separately has been dedicated for Adoration in the church for the faithful. A concrete stage is being built in front of St. Thomas Play School which will be shared by the church and the school for various programmes.

This has all been possible by the whole hearted support and active participation of the parishioners who are ready to dedicate their time and take interest in all the church activities.

Spreading the Word of God is one of the most important functions of a parish community and we have to keep pace with the constantly changing world of social media in spreading the Word of God.

On this occasion, I welcome all parishioners to visit our website. The new website will provide all readers with information about the church and its activities etc. I look forward to our parishioners being inspired and serving in any of the Associations. I hope you benefit from this and cherish beautiful memories of the parish activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who have been instrumental in making our parish digitally visible in the public domain and accomplishing this task in a short span.

Please keep visiting the website as we will continue to put more information and launch new features in the coming weeks and months. Also I request you to feel free to give your feedback/suggestions to improve the site.

May the risen Lord bless you.

Your's in Christ
Fr. Maria Susai
Parish Priest

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